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In my last post I showed you how to synthesize kick drums with Native Instruments’ Massive. What I didn’t mention in that post is that I actually personally prefer to use theĀ Waldorf Largo synth instead of Massive for that purpose. I made the video for Massive because it’s simply more popular. And as a result, I had to do some contortions around the envelope management in order to get a clean initial attack on the kicks, which is not a problem with the Largo.

Both Largo and Massive are competing for the same basic place in your plugin arsenal: the all-purpose synth. And they both have very similar features overall to that end, so much so that I think a detailed comparison really makes sense. Read More »

This is a video tutorial explaining in detail how to generate a wide variety of kick drum styles directly with Massive. It’s available in HD so you can see all those tiny modulation settings. (youtube link).

You’ll come away with a framework to build up your personal arsenal of kick drums, and if I’m successful, you may never need a kick from a sample library again. Read More »