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This is a video tutorial explaining in detail how to generate a wide variety of kick drum styles directly with Massive. It’s available in HD so you can see all those tiny modulation settings. (youtube link).

You’ll come away with a framework to build up your personal arsenal of kick drums, and if I’m successful, you may never need a kick from a sample library again.

The video refers to presets which I’ve split into to two files: the first is the presets referenced in the video, the second is an extra set of presets with wilder, more aggressive kicks that expand on the the prior ones.

Kick drum presets (part 1, those referenced by the video)

Kick drum presets (part 2, extra sounds)


  • mike

    Thank you for a clear cut tutorial :) ! Do you take specific sound requests? For example, if I hear a particular sound in a track & I want to learn a way to make that sound, would you consider doing tutorials for it? Thanks again.

    • The Delta Deep

      Glad you found it useful. I would definitely consider doing a tutorial for a particular sound if I’m interested in it personally or if enough readers ask me about it. So by all means let me know and I’ll certainly consider it, but no promises! It takes a lot of time and thought to do a good tutorial, and there are plenty of sounds out there I don’t quite know how to get. Every producer has their own techniques that can be quite hard to reverse engineer!

      • Luke

        quick question – very interested in psytrance kicks – BUT – this guy seems to be getting a lot more punch our of his kicks

        any idea how he gets such punchy kicks? pretty sure hes using massive for this


        • The Delta Deep

          There’s a combination of things making the perception of punch here. First of all, the kicks he’s using have a lot of initial high frequency zap, meaning that the pitch sweep is a little slower in the initial high registers before zipping down to the subharmonics. Getting that sound is as simple as tweaking the decay curve and initial pitch. Secondly, he’s doing fairly heavy EQ on the kick. In my tutorial I only do a very basic cut of the midrange, whereas in a full track you’ll want to shape the kick more. For instance, probably there’s a boost in the mids (1000hz ish) and in the low subs (80hz or so), and maybe a deeper and more aggressive negative cut in the lower midrange (300-500hz). Furthermore, we never hear sounds in isolation – they are always in relation to the other sounds. So it’s the bassline and groove that helps generate the kick’s energy. The kick and bass were worked together as a pair, including the EQ decisions. Last but not least, the kick itself, the kick/bass submix, and then the entire track are all three probably independently compressed. In summary there’s a lot of layers of technique that build up to the final sound. Make sure you are using good studio monitors (not headphones) to hear things accurately, as well, otherwise any attempt to match the sound will fail as soon as you switch speakers!

          • Luke

            Awesome, thanks soooo much for laying out out like that. You have an awesome understanding of sound it seems :) makes so much sense. I’m fairly new to the music production scene, and always knew that there were many methods and techniques in achieving a certain sound, but never quite understood the alchemy of it all. I guess i really need to understand the fundamentals of sounds design in order to achieve something specific, rather than listening to something in isolation, and then try to recreate it, without realizing how it will sound with other instruments.

            Massive is pretty impressive, but i remember that you mentioned Largo as a better alternative to drum making, providing more options, and tweaks. I as wondering if you would be so kind as to give a brief tutorials on creating kicks ( the same as you did with massive) just so i can see the basic setup. I’ve been playing around with it now for a while, and getting rather frustrated.

            even just a file with a preset for largo would be awesome.

            anyway, really appreciate your reply, seems like sound design is still very much an experimental art form, at least in the case of electronic music production.

            whats your email address?



          • Luke


            Would really appreciate a couple tips on creating psytrance style kicks in largo, doesn’t seem to much info out there about largo in particular.

            Really really appreciate it.


  • Househead

    great video !!  nice track as well :  )

  • Nat Weiss

    Thanks for the kickass tut! I learned a ton from it and shared it.

  • Brian Lopez

    Tutorial was very helpful. I’ve been wanting to make a kick drum with punch and bass in it. Similar to what Swedish House Mafia use. It has color, yet drive in it. Anyway you can give a basic tutorial on it? Thanks again!

  • Celauro1

    Great tutorial!! Any chance you can mimic the kick from Parker & Hanson- Afterthought (Heatbeat remix) or Heatbeat-rocker monster? I cant seem to get my kick to sound that way. Close on the bass but still a ways to go.

  • Mariusz_pisarski

    Hi,I can’t open Kick drum presets??I trying to to open them by Massive but they not working?? any idea why??

  • Voyageurr

    Thanks a lot for the superclear tutorial! It was very helpful really.

  • Luke

    Could you maybe provide the ksd files? cant open NSMV. much appreciated!

  • P12

    Fucking sick tutorial man. I think im done with sampling….

  • NabaruN

    Nice flow of eclectic info, cristal clear presented…

    sited fave’d..:)

  • Rozillaofficial

    you’re awesome man. thanks a bunch

  • Ren

    by far the best kickdrum (or massive) tutorial i’ve seen in a looong time (and i’ve seen a lot of them). It’s a shame you quit doing these so quick!


    Could you maybe provide the ksd files? cant open NSMV. much appreciated!


  • Le Saboteur De-ConstructedReco

    Major source of inspiration! Really good stuff

  • kenyfeny

    Thats the best kick drum synthsis ive herd. Massive seems to give a amazing sound as well as endless variations to create. Also your tutorial was GREAT. I know where i will be getting all my kicks from now. Recorded Samples of kick drums just dont cut it for me now. I am just not a good anougth sound engineer to get decent sounding kicks from layering, EQ,ing Recorded samples of drums not now I know massive is the BOY for it. Cheerz. I would love to know what other percussion sounds massive can synthsize with white noise ECT?

  • Docks

    Awesome !!!

    learnt a lot ! just got a question, when i follow what you’re doing with the performer, i have a weird shrill sound when I unbold my novation’s key to repeat it as a kick in a track. I don’t find any differences that explain that problem regarding the presets packs you linked on your blog…

    I can’t find out where i can put that right, if u have a clue, would be cool  (is it possible to send you the preset in order to explain what i meant above ?)

  • Ricardo

    Thanks, man. I love u.

  • Chris

    Thank you!

  • Adam

    Brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing the knowledge. I’ll think twice before using samples again.

  • YiZhen Wu

    It’s helpful!!! Thanks lot!!!

  • Maher Tetsuo Destruccion

    thanks a lot!

  • Daniel Zalazar

    Thank you very much!